How well do you know Eric (2009)?

Bob Ethel Jane Felix Roger Taylor Samuel Peter Annette Bill Who would bother with 250 characters? It's not like they'll feature in the quiz or anything...moving right along

1 Which of these words best describe me?
2 What Instruments do I Play?
3 Which of the following are all activities that I do at school?
4 Which of the following are subjects I am doing for the IB?
5 What is my favourite type of food?
6 Which 2009 Chamber Strings piece has been my favourite?
7 Which opening is not part of my Black Repertoire?
8 Which GPS Debate was I most annoyed about?
9 Which tribe was I in in NLC?
10 What will my John Waterhouse be on?
11 Which is the most recent comedy show that I have started watching, and liked?
12 Which of these pieces is not in my LTCL repertoire?
13 Which of these composers do I not like?
14 The Concerto I played in this year's Concerto Competition was
15 Which of these countries would I not want to go to for a holiday?