Name the song! bring me the horizon style :)

well the title basically says it all ;) Name the bmth song and the only clues you get are lyrics from random parts!

1 i whispered in her ear, you better fear me dear, for i am death, and ill take that fucking shit you call a life, in a single fucking breath.
2 goodbye my friend, goodbye. my love, youre in my heart.
3 youve got a mouth like a razor blade, it cuts soo deep. so kiss my wirsts, my kneck and give me eternal sleep.
4 you wanted to gut my dreams till i was empty, and show everyone my remains.
5 ive got a secret. its on the tip of my tounge and on the back of my lungs.
6 i guess when when we left each other for the first time we didn't think goodbye would be our new favorite line.
7 the day you lost him, i slowly lost you too. for when he died, he took a part of you.
8 the sun goes down and so does she.
9 your beauty is no more. so why dont you just fuck yourself you fucking whore!