How Nerdy are you?

Just how nerdy are you really?

1 Which series do you prefer?
2 How many hours do you spend on facebook?
3 Do you have a myspace/my year book/stickam/ebay/toontown/meez/imvu/zwinky account?
4 On an average, how many facebook surveys/ quizes would you say you take daily?
5 On any IM service, how many screenames would you say you have?
6 How often do you update your facebook status?
7 Do you have a twitter account?
8 Walmart or Kmart?
9 How many pairs of shoes do you own?
10 Do you, or did you have braces?
11 Do you or have you ever worn socks with sandals? [BE HONEST]
12 Running shoes or skater shoes?
13 On an average, how many hours do you spend on the computer/itouch/cell whatever is capable going onto the internet with?
14 Have you or are you taking any AP classes?
15 do you wear contacts or glasses?
16 How many friends do you have on Facebook?
17 If you had to work at a fast food place which one would you prefer working at?
18 Name brand or off brand clothing?
19 Do you often shop on the sales rack?
20 Have you ever been to a thrift store?
21 do you find this quiz amusing?