do you have what it takes to be me?-bryan gould

how it is to be me ok

1 are you willing to live every day with a pain in your dominent arm that is not yours to control at times.
2 can you keep up with brilliant ideas everyday
3 can you bring a new perspective
4 can you see things in life of people and things noone else can dream to process
5 can your brain possibly exceed limits of average thinking
6 do you have bipolar
7 can you remember things amazingly have always correct short phsycic occurences
8 can you live with paranoilistic sense (paranoid/realistic)
9 are you a philosopher who speaks only with sense and knowledge of things beyond your grasp
10 and can you withstand asshole teens and accomplish far greater stay clean of devilish nescecitys like drugs and alcohol see a bigger picture and live life to the fullest of smarts and find the meaning