Do yOu dEaL oR sQuEaL??

Every1 has doubts and insecurities, even if they dnt show 'em. As u gt more used 2 d embarrassin' situations lyf's determined 2 throw at u, u'll bcum more successful in keepin' ur cool. Here's a fun quiz 2 chk out urslf... IF U DEAL OR SQUEAL while confronting an embarrassing situation.. ;) Don't b too scared..if ur rzlt's squeal then there r tips 2 banish those blushes...!! Go ahead.. Take this test to find out whether ur a "Cringe Queen/ King" ;)

1 Ur mom brings out an embarrassing photo of u wid no clothes on to show to ur frnz. Wat do u say??
2 Ur dad insists on performing a pop song in frnt of ur fnz bt gets it hopelessly wrng.(OUCH!) How do u react?
3 Ur frnz r at d door, bt ur mom insists u wear an ugly raincoat b4 she lets u out. Wat do u do?
4 ur chilling out in a frnd's bdroom. u bend dwn to put on a CD. To ur surprise, u fart loudly(thr's no polite way of putting ths, sry!) It's d most embarrassing thing u've evr done. How do u react??
5 U've strted at a new skul n sum grls cum ovr to talk to u. Wat do u do?