Are you fun or lame? Or somewhere in the middle?

1 You are going to a concert that starts at 8:00. What time do you leave your house?
2 What kind of car do you drive?
3 You are going with everyone to happy hour after work. How much is your tab?
4 You are going to a football game. When do you arrive at the stadium’s parking lot?
5 When going to an amusement park, what rides do you like?
6 What time do you go to bed on the weekends?
7 How much money is a six-pack of the type of beer you usually buy?
8 What is the best month for sports on TV?
9 How many kids do you have?
10 Do you like to recite jokes?
11 How many TV shows do you watch religiously?
12 Do you ever find yourself having conversations with strangers at a bar?
13 What is your favorite type of music from the following?
14 It’s “crazy hat” day at your workplace. What do you wear?
15 It’s your friend’s birthday and you are at a bar/restaurant with him or her. What are you most likely to do?