How much of a one tree hill fan are you??

This quiz will test you on your one tree hill knowledge, see if you're a true fan! :)

1 How are Lucas and Nathan related?
2 Who sings the one tree hill theme tune?
3 What is the name of the character who shoots peyton in the leg?
4 Which relative of Nathan does Rachel sleep with?
5 Who does Hayley go on tour with?
6 Wo kills Keith?
7 Who plays Brooke Davis?
8 What is Lucas's second book called?
9 Hayley does a duet, whats the song called?
10 Who does Lucas ALMOST marry?
11 What is the name of the leader of the clean teens?
12 How does Nathan end up in a wheel chair?
13 How does Peyton's real mum die?
14 Final question, complete this sentence, people always........?