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Test your knowledge of rock trivia from the 60's thru the 80's. Can you keep up with the JAMMER? The Quiz Is EVERY THURSDAY!!! A NEW QUIZ EVERY THURSDAY !!! WRITE DOWN THE DAY AND LET YOUR MIND DEVELOP!!! YOU CAN'T BEAT THE JAMMER!!!

1. Who gave Steve Miller his first guitar and taught him his first chords?
2. In 1978, David Naughton had a top ten hit "Makin' It", Who had a 1979 TV series of the same name. What commerical did he appear in?
3. Eleven people are trampled to death rushing for seats at a Cincinnati concert in 1979. Name the performing Band.
4. If you remember Sammy Hagar, he was a former member of the group Montrose. But prior to becoming a musician, Sammy had another profession. Can you name it?
5. Who Am I ? I was son-in-law of former British Ambassador to the U.S.,played guitar for Aretha Franklin,played guitar solo with the Beatles and formed the band Cream ...
6. Within a day of his death, 2 million of his records are sold,His funeral costs are $47,000. Who can it be?