Test your knowledge of rock trivia from the 60's thru the 80's. Can you keep up with the JAMMER? The Quiz Is EVERY THURSDAY!!! A NEW QUIZ EVERY THURSDAY !!! WRITE DOWN THE DAY AND LET YOUR MIND DEVELOP!!! YOU CAN'T BEAT THE JAMMER!!!

1 Who gave Steve Miller his first guitar and taught him his first chords?
2 In 1978, David Naughton had a top ten hit "Makin' It", Who had a 1979 TV series of the same name. What commerical did he appear in?
3 Eleven people are trampled to death rushing for seats at a Cincinnati concert in 1979. Name the performing Band.
4 If you remember Sammy Hagar, he was a former member of the group Montrose. But prior to becoming a musician, Sammy had another profession. Can you name it?
5 Who Am I ? I was son-in-law of former British Ambassador to the U.S.,played guitar for Aretha Franklin,played guitar solo with the Beatles and formed the band Cream ...
6 Within a day of his death, 2 million of his records are sold,His funeral costs are $47,000. Who can it be?