How well do you know Jama'l Rapp?!?!?

Take this quiz to find out how well you know jama'l. Warning: Some random (but true) questions and answers. Note: You cannot get a higher score on this than Naomi Matthews. Sorry, you just can't.

1 His (Most) Favorite Soda?
2 What Elementary School Did He Go To?
3 What's Jama'l favorite candy?
4 What's his favorite food???
5 How Many Brothers/ Sisters Does He Have?
6 What instrument does he play?
7 "Hey Jama'l, what is today?" Jama'l says-
8 Who is Jama'ls best friend? (BEST)
9 "Dreamin about the day when you'll wake up and find..." Jama'l says-