How well do you know Jama'l Rapp?!?!?
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How well do you know Jama'l Rapp?!?!?

Take this quiz to find out how well you know jama'l. Warning: Some random (but true) questions and answers. Note: You cannot get a higher score on this than Naomi Matthews. Sorry, you just can't.

1. His (Most) Favorite Soda?
2. What Elementary School Did He Go To?
3. What's Jama'l favorite candy?
4. What's his favorite food???
5. How Many Brothers/ Sisters Does He Have?
6. What instrument does he play?
7. "Hey Jama'l, what is today?" Jama'l says-
8. Who is Jama'ls best friend? (BEST)
9. "Dreamin about the day when you'll wake up and find..." Jama'l says-