How Well Do You Know Nicki Minaj?

Think you know all about the Nickster? take this quiz and find out how bad you really are!

1 What Label Is Nicki Minaj Signed To? (dont go lookin up the answers!)
2 Finish The Line: "Nighrmares of you killing my mother,_________"
3 Where Is Nicki Minaj From?
4 Who First Signed Nicki Minaj?
5 What Was The Title Of Nicki Minaj's First Mixtape?
6 What Is Nicki Minaj's Real Name?
7 Nicki Minaj Was Discovered On...
8 Finish the line "Fuck With Presidents________."
9 When Was Nicki Minaj Born? (Don't Go Lookin Up The Answer Either!)
10 Did You Look Up Some Of The Answers To This Quiz?