How Well Do You Know Nicki Minaj?
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How Well Do You Know Nicki Minaj?

Think you know all about the Nickster? take this quiz and find out how bad you really are!

1. What Label Is Nicki Minaj Signed To? (dont go lookin up the answers!)
2. Finish The Line: "Nighrmares of you killing my mother,_________"
3. Where Is Nicki Minaj From?
4. Who First Signed Nicki Minaj?
5. What Was The Title Of Nicki Minaj's First Mixtape?
6. What Is Nicki Minaj's Real Name?
7. Nicki Minaj Was Discovered On...
8. Finish the line "Fuck With Presidents________."
9. When Was Nicki Minaj Born? (Don't Go Lookin Up The Answer Either!)
10. Did You Look Up Some Of The Answers To This Quiz?