Where Will You Be In My Society?

Find out if you'll end up a slave-like laborer or maybe a little something more in the Utopian Society! The other extreme is that you might be dead!

1 How intelligent do you assume you are?
2 You see a man being robbed of his food rations! When you question the aggresor, he informs you he is part of the SS and is teaching this poor working man, who didn't produce enough bars of silver today, a lesson. What do you do?
3 Knowledge | Looks | Strength | Respect | Friends
4 You listen to the radio while reading in a bar and you hear the usual talk of the economic situation and government. A very elderly man off to the side begins talking about how the government is corrupt and is spreading propaganda. What do you do?
5 How do you like your parents?
6 How do you like your teachers?
7 One day you enter your apartment and you find that you have been robbed! However, you hear some noise and creep into the bedroom. You see the dirty thief looking through your drawers! Your neighbors are loyal and hardened workers, but it would take you at least one minute to go get them. What do you do?
8 Are you Asian?
9 In all honesty, would you really obey a government I created and ruled?