What Kind of Pie Are You?

Mmm! Who doesn't love the sweet, warm smell of pie permeating through a house? We all have our favorite pies. But, how do you measure up? What kind of pie are you? *cue dramatic music*

1 Are you super delicious?
2 Are you super tasty when you are warm?
3 Are you sweet and irresistible?
4 Are you always better with a scoop of whipped cream or ice cream?
5 Are you really nutty?
6 Do you like to be handled with a fork?
7 Do you like to awaken/excite the taste buds?
8 Is every bite an adventure?
9 Are you perfect morning, day and night?
10 Do you have a hard, dry and flaky crust?
11 Are you always ready for some more?
12 Did you take these questions out of context in some horribly wrong way?