Which UWF Australia Alumni Are You?

Which UWF Australia Alumni Are You? - Answer these questions and findout which of UWF's talent you were!

1 You're a pro-wrestler, what style do you practice?
2 You're a pro-wrestler, how do you act around fans?
3 What finishing move's title best describes you?
4 You are faced against a huge, monster-like competitor. What do you do?
5 What UWF Championship is best suited to you?
6 You are stuck in a large traffic jam, and the person in the car infront of you is being rude. What do you do?
7 What faction are you best suited to?
8 When I wrestle, I always look out to the crowd to see...
9 You came to UWF Australian for one reason, and that reason is...
10 You are at the movies, and the guy infront of you is talking loudly. What do you do?