So You Think You Know Britty....

just take the dam quiz already, unless you are red then go way. 99.9% of people will have no idea what i just said.

1 Which of her friends is funniest?
2 Where will Britty run?
3 Who is her favourite of all these singers?
4 How is it spelt the "cool" way
5 Our Song is....
6 In what store do we sing Not For You?
7 Which of these is not one of her nicknames?
8 What is P!NK's middle name?
9 What is Britty's imaginary cat called?
10 How many times has she said good bye :(
11 Next line... "We've Come Along Way...."
12 Which of these is not often said in her comments
13 then i know that it is YOU.....
14 Her favourite ice cream flavour
15 Which of these songs will not appear on P!NK's new Funhouse Live In Sydney dvd?
16 Britty is the bestest best friend anyone could ever have :) (This question is just all luck, just choose and hope)