Is my spouse/partner faithful?

The signs and symptoms of a wayward spouse or partner can be either very subtle and hard to detect, or obvious and brazen. No matter what your results are to this quiz, keep in mind- IT IS JUST A FACEBOOK QUIZ. If you truly suspect infidelity, I reccommend seeking professional advice if you cannot confront him/her directly to resolve these suspicions. Happy quizzing!

1 Has your spouse/partner suddenly taken keen interest in new music, whereas he/she has never shown an interest in before?
2 Has your spouse or significant other made comments about a movie, you know you did not watch together; such as "Yeah, that was awesome" or "That movie sucked big time", "Oh, I love the part when...."
3 Your man/woman who has a disdain for doing laundry, suddenly loves doing their own laundry- with that said, they also seems to time their laundry duties soon after they arrive home.
4 Have techniques and styles of sex suddenly become extremely different and foreign to you. I am talking way out of the norm here. You may find yourself in positions you had never done together before, or be asked to do things which was never requested of you before.
5 Has your partner's mood changed? Have you noticed that he/she is now easily tempered, quick to snap or may pick fights with you deliberately to justify leaving the house to "Take a drive to think"?
6 You may notice that they suddenly keep their cell phones on silent and strapped to their bodies at all times; whereas before, the phone was kept on ringer and placed securely and easily within reach somewhere within a room in the home.
7 You notice your significant other taking a drastic new interest on his or her appearance. You may notice a vast amount of new clothing, new colognes or perfumes, new hair-cuts, new shoes, new and different underwear being purchased. They may also have recently joined a gym or started working out as well.
8 Have you noticed the Internet browser history always being deleted. This is a huge red flag to pay attention to. Anyone that deletes everything from the history, has something to hide.
9 You may in fact be accused yourself of having an affair.
10 Your partner who was once nonchalant about your daily plans and activities, may suddenly make a point to constantly inquire about them. If your partner suddenly wishes to know your detailed plans for any given day, such as time you are leaving the home, places you are going to actually be and a time you are going to return home, he/she may be making sure the coast is clear for his/her own activities.
11 Has your partner's interest in sex completely dissipated suddenly - (not over time in a normal fashion)