What Toronto Maple Leaf are you?

Figure out which player you are on the NHL's Toronto Maple Leafs by taking this quiz!

1 The team is down 1 goal, you and your team mate are on a 2 on 0 break away with 10 seconds left. Would you most likely..
2 One of your team mates gets hit from behind, you're most likely to..
3 The coach sits you out a game due to a poor preformance previously. You're most likely to..
4 The game goes to a shootout, You're most like to..
5 The opposing team has an empty net, they are only down 1 goal and you get the puck. You're most likely to..
6 What would you rate your overall defensive game? For goalies, what do you rate your overall consistancy? (Both out of 10)
7 What do you rate your overall offensive skill? For goalies, what do you rate your overall game? (Out of 10)