So you think you know star wars? ( rather hard?)

so you think you know star wars aye?? than take my quiz and we shall see? lol enjoy

1 what species is the alien who falls into the rancor pit along with luke?
2 what are the names of totooines two suns?
3 what villian says atleast we have the mighty chewbacca?
4 who pilots a starship to a surreptitious landing inside a smoking geonsian exhaust vent?
5 who figurs out that the millennium falcons hyperdrive has polarized negative power coupling?
6 who is governor of naboo during the trade federation occupation?
7 who has to cancel plans to pick up some power converters at tosche station?
8 who prevebts boba fett from blasting chewbacca in the carbon frezzing chamber?
9 who is qui-gon jinn talking to when the sith probe droi first spots him?
10 who according to darth vader is as clumsy as he is stuuped?
11 how many years does it take the sarlacc to digest its victims?
12 who describes the second death star as relativly unprotected?
13 what beast of burden is tied up outside the entrance to the mos eisley cantina when luke and obi-wan pull up?
14 what colour is the skin of jabba the hutts gamorrean guards?
15 who eulogized by her husband as the most loving parnter a man could ever have?