Are You A G or A Gent?

Take the ultimate test: are you a g or a gent?

1 Lesson One: Fashion: What are the essential clothes of a Gentleman?
2 Lesson Two: Eloquence: How do you behave at a challenge with proper eloquence?
3 Lesson Three: Etiqutte: If you're teamate's date with Esther Baxter goes wrong, what should you never do?
4 Lesson Four: Giving Back: If you are convinced there is an alliance in the house, what do you do?
5 Lesson Five: Career Goals: When Mr. Bentley asks you where you wants your career to take you, you should never say what?
6 Lesson Six: Fortitude: If you are a large G, never do what?
7 Lesson Seven: Hosting A Dinner Party: When faced with career goals, should you take them or let them slip?
8 Lesson Eight: Family Ties: When confronted by your baby mama who has had two of your children and is about to have do more, what do you never do?
9 Lesson Nine: From A G To A Gent: What is something you should mention earlier before later?
10 Finally, name all your colleagues in order of expulsion: