Who will you be reincarnated as?

A simple set of questions to discern your character and thereby give yourself the best chance of reaching Nirvana and avoiding reincarnation as a court jester. Steer clear of the ghost realm and set your sights on the pure land of karmic bliss. Answer the questions as honestly as possible to give yourself the best possible chance of escaping samsara forever.

1 The person on the plane next to you has toothache what do you do?
2 What is i?
3 Whilst walking on the beach of an empty cove you find an old piece of driftwood shape liked a donut. What do you do?
4 What happened at the beginning of time.
5 How soon is now?
6 What is your favourite flavour crisp?
7 When you dream you wake...
8 What is the diamond sutra?