How Well Do You Know Teri?

In this quiz you will answer a range of questions to see how well you know Teri

1 What Is My Favourite Band?
2 What Is My Favourite Colour?
3 How Old Am I?
4 What School Do I Go To?
5 What's My Baby Sister Called?
6 What's My Big Sister Called?
7 What Is My Favourite Film?
8 What Is My Mam Called?
9 What Is The Name Of My Best Friend
10 Who Is Related To Me? (out of the following)
11 Where Do I Live?
12 What's The Name Of My Secondary School?
13 Who Do I Want To Be Able To Sing Like?
14 What Is My Favourite Girls Aloud Song?
15 Who Is My Favourite Girls Aloud Member?
16 Who Is My Favourite? (out of the following)