What season are you?

Are most like winter or are you more of a summer gal? Take this quiz and you can find out!!

1 What would you rather do on a Friday night?
2 Do you like the warmth
3 There is a boy/girl you like and you see them looking at you across the hallway. What would you do?
4 Your friend's boyfriend/girlfriend just broke up with them and you've always had a little crush on them. What do you do?
5 Your mom has a fit about your dirty room what do you do
6 Would you rather live in
7 What would you rather do?
8 Do you like school?
9 Do you like how you look?
10 Do you care about other people's feelings
11 What would you do if a girl/guy came up to you and asked you to go to a party with you?
12 Do you like the cold?
13 Do you like parties?