How well do you know Maureen Gormley-Kruse?

How well do you REALLY know me? Are you one of my REAL friends? Or is it all undercover pretence? Let's see if we're going to get together sometime soon or not!

1 How old will I be at my next birthday?
2 If you have dinner at my house, you will be served:
3 During my (recent) teen years, the music I listened to the most, was:
4 During my spare time (the loads of it that I have), you will most likely find me:
5 When I am thirsty, I drink:
6 When I was younger, I wanted to be:
7 If I have an alcoholic beverage, I'm more likely to choose:
8 My favorite kinds of movies are:
9 If I had to choose between a camping vacation out in the woods, with all the-back-to-nature-basics, or a luxury resort with all-the-amenities-of- modern life, I would choose:
10 My favorite kinds of shoes to wear everyday are:
11 When I finally finish my degree one day, I will be:
12 I consider myself underdressed if I am not wearing:
13 When I lived outside of South Africa, I lived in:
14 As far as weather goes, I prefer:
15 I am addicted to:
16 My favorite kinds of perfume are:
17 If I had to choose between candy/sweets or chocolate, I would choose:
18 As a parent, my kids think I am:
19 When I travel, I am: