Which Dominican Souljah are you? V2
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Which Dominican Souljah are you? V2

Which of the Dominican Souljah's captains are you? Hot headed Matthew Fisher? Or big headed ego fuelled Amante Decena? Amante - please answer truthfully.

1. With the State Championships on the line - what are you doing?
2. What do you do on a fast break layup?
3. What happens when you get the ball on the perimeter and you're open?
4. What tends to happen when there's a press and the balls in your hands?
5. What happened in year 9 when the A Grade team was playing an undefeated Trinity College?
6. How do you rebound?
7. What happened at State Championships when you were down by 8 with only a couple of minutes left?
8. What do you do when you're on the end of a horrendous call?