Where Will You Be In My Society 2.0

Find out where you'll be exactly in my society! Will you be a slave-like laborer? Perhaps a soldier? It all depends on this test! Good luck!

1 Which trait listed below appeals most to you?
2 While passing an alley, you hear two teenage boys, who are listening to illegal music (Screamo), talking about how they hate their teachers and the government's strict rules. What do you do?
3 What is your GPA? *Please Read All Choices*
4 In Utopia, a law is passed where Abortions are legal and can be done at any time during pregnancy.
5 You are being drafted into the military during war time. What do you do?
6 What do you think about the Death Sentence for criminals?
7 The government is passing strict laws on traveling and you wish to protest PEACEFULLY. How do you do it?
8 You see a thief robbing your home of your valuables. He is browing through your drawers and you have the opprotunity to attack him. How do you do it?
9 If I found out someone was an enemy Spy, I would...