How well do you know football????

lets see how well do u know this game....

1 when did benfica win their first champions league???
2 real madrid have won 9 ecc titles...4 were in consecutive streaks..which years???
3 against whom did david beckham score his first goal for england??
4 real madrid buied luis figo in the year???
5 how many goals has zlatan ibrahimovic scored for sweden???
6 ronaldinho transferred to barcelona from which club??
7 how many times has leeds united won the premier league???
8 how many goals has ronaldo scored for brasil in the world cups??
9 the second top scorer for england is???
10 frank lampard was buied chelsea...what is ................???
11 paolo maldini has won how many champions league???
12 who has won the world player of the year maximum times???
13 who has won the balon d'or maximum times???
14 eric cantona has played in how many world cups???
15 the third largest stadium in europe?