How well do you know Stephen Sadler?

This is a true calculation as to how well u know this shady character.

1 What is Stephens' date of birth?
2 What code of football is Stephen passionate about?
3 What does Stephen do for a living?
4 Which team does Stephen follow in the AFL?
5 What is Stephens' middle name?
6 Stephen is.......
7 What footy club/s did Stephen play for?
8 What is Stephens favourite movie/s?
9 What is Stephen's favourite TV show/s?
10 What type of music does Stephen generally listen to?
11 Who does Stephen follow in the V8 supercars?
12 Where is Stephen from?
13 What musical instument does Stephen attempt to play from time to time?
14 What type of car does Stephen drive?
15 Where is Stephen based at this present time?