Which Orginisation XIII member are you?

THis is mainly for people who: play the game, anime fans, manga fans, cosplayers or simply people who are bored out of their minds who have nothing else to do. This are kinnda the members from KH2, even though there are 14 members (at one point) she dies so doesnt make it all the way :'( but I'm oonly allowed 12 spots so Roxas isnt in their either :S ! But he leaves the orginization so I guess thats alright. Also I realise that these arent the REALL nick-names for the characters, its simply to descirbe them better so lesser fans can recognise them :P

1 What is your goal?
2 Do you think that you have a heart?
3 Are you whole?
4 Do you have any friends?
5 What would you say makes you stand out?
6 Would you ever betray your comrades?
7 If a heartless came at you which of the following weapons would you grab?
8 What kind of nobody would you like to own/most similar to?
9 What do you think of your leader?