which of our friends are you most like??

u know u want to take it!! pics at the end =)

1 What do you do at parties?
2 Time to pick out an outfit for school. What do you wear?
3 Fav color?
4 Your perfect boy
5 Your friends call you the....
6 what color are your nails?
7 who is hottest?
8 a hot guy asks you out what do you say?
9 What sounds most fun?
10 What do you want to be when u grow up?
11 A cute boy smile at you, you
12 You go to the movies you watch....
13 What shoes would you wear
14 what steriotype do you best fit?
15 your friend is being a pain, you...
16 a killer runs after you, you
17 ur at an amusement park you go on the ride that....
18 Some hoe is talking beind ur back you...
19 how much did u love this quiz!?