how well do you know megan :)?
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how well do you know megan :)?

its about me and how well my best friends know me! :) so test to see how well you know me :)

1. Whats my favorite color?
2. What do I do for a sport? And play at school for a sport?
3. what's my favorite book? (even though i don't like reading)
4. what do I like to wear?
5. when im not happy or in the best mood how do you know?
6. What do I do to have a good time?
7. What's my favorite subject(s) in school?
8. What color are my eyes?
9. what's my sisters name?
10. Can i draw?
11. Are you a good friend? DO you know me? and i a good friend?
12. whens my birthday?
13. whats my logo?
14. What sort do i play every friday at p.e?