Who should u go out with?????? (PGMS 6th graders)
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Who should u go out with?????? (PGMS 6th graders)

For piney grove ppl

1. Where iz a typical date 4 u????
2. What best describes ur personality??????
3. What will u most likely be when u grow up? (out of these)
4. On a scale of 1-10 how hot are u???? (10 is the best)
5. What do u usually do on the weekend???????
6. What would u wear on a date????
7. What would u perfer ur girl to look like?????
8. What would u most likely name ur child????? (if it wuz a girl)
9. What do u look like????
10. What grades do u make in school?
11. How many gf have u had?????
12. What sport do u play??????
13. What group are u in??????
14. What personality trait do u look 4 in a girl????????
15. Last question... Who is ur closest friend out of these????????