How well do you know Cobra Starship?

Do you like Cobra Starship? Give this quiz a go!

1 Ok, an easy one! Who are all the members of Cobra Starship?
2 What is Nate's full name?
3 When is Suarez's birthday?
4 How many 'o's are there in the 'so' for Pop Punk is so '05
5 Gabe can speak Spanish because he's from...
6 Whats the name of Guy Ripley's dead bird?
7 Speaking of Guy, he's obsessed/in love with....
8 In Cobra Cam. TV, Gabe is seen in a wheelchair. Why?
9 In the band scenes of the video for Church of Hot Addiction, what brand of hoodie is Gabe wearing?
10 A member of which band plays extra guitar in CoHA?
11 In "**** Live in Pheonix" (Fall Out Boy), Gabe says "I was ......... and it felt so good"
12 What type of pants is Gabe wearing on the back of "Viva La Cobra"?
13 "C'est quelle a dit" is written on whos wrist in episode 8 of Cobra Cam?
14 What is "Suave Suarez on Pleasure Ryland"?
15 So, you're almost at the end...