How much useless trivia do you know?

Think you know stuff? How much useless info have you stuffed into your head?

1 What was a gladiator armed with in addition to a dagger and a spear?
2 Where do eagles mate?
3 How many eggs will the average hen lay in a year?
4 Crickets hear through what part of their body?
5 The milk from what animal does not curdle?
6 What is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature?
7 What rock floats in water?
8 Which of the following is NOT a common element in the universe?
9 Charles Rolls or Rolls Royce died in what type of vehicle?
10 From which country was the Titanic launched?
11 In what year was the Wall Street crash?
12 How many years did the 100 year war last?
13 What word appears exactly 773,692 times in the King James Bible?
14 What animal is mentioned most frequently in both the New and Old testaments?
15 What planet is closest in size to our moon?
16 What founding father was knocked unconscious while attempting to electrocute a turkey?
17 What type of tree yields the resin used to produce turpentine?
18 Who was the first American in space?
19 How many flowers are in the design stamped on each side of an Oreo cookie?
20 How many grooves are there on the edge of a quarter?