Zombie Survival Quiz

Find out if you will survive a zombie apocalypse.

1 What is the fastest way to kill a zombie?
2 How do you become infected?
3 What kind of gun would you use if given the choice?
4 What is the fastest, most efficient way to reload a semi-automatic/fully automatic rifle?
5 Where would be the best place to make a stand?
6 Do you know how to care for a broken leg?
7 What kind of transportation would be best for a group of five people?
8 If someone you know gets bitten, what would you do?
9 Have you ever shot a real gun? (not a BB gun, .22, or a 410)
10 If you have a double barreled shot gun/rifle what happens when you pull both triggers at once?
11 What loads would be best for a shotgun when zombie killin'?
12 For close combat with an assault rifle which would be better?
13 What would be your choice of melee weapon
14 What should you do if you find survivors?
15 What would you use for an explosive weapon
16 Best Clothing.