Survivor Series
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Survivor Series

"Survivor" is a great show, so I decided that I should have a quiz about it! In this quiz, you will find things mostly relating to the players and the events happened!!!

1. Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich got engaged on which season?
2. Whose life did Twila famously swear on in "Survivor: Vanuatu" that she was not lying to her alliance?
3. What does the host of "Survivor" say when a castaway is voted off?
4. In seasons one to ten in "Survivor", how many tribe members made up the jury?
5. How many tribes were there at the start of 'Survivor All Stars'?
6. What did Colby Donaldson from 'Survivor Australia' bring?
7. In which season starting from 1 to 10, the the castaways were marooned on the island for 42 days
8. Ozzy was having a relation with his fellow castmate Amanda in which series of Survivor?