Survivor Series

"Survivor" is a great show, so I decided that I should have a quiz about it! In this quiz, you will find things mostly relating to the players and the events happened!!!

1 Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich got engaged on which season?
2 Whose life did Twila famously swear on in "Survivor: Vanuatu" that she was not lying to her alliance?
3 What does the host of "Survivor" say when a castaway is voted off?
4 In seasons one to ten in "Survivor", how many tribe members made up the jury?
5 How many tribes were there at the start of 'Survivor All Stars'?
6 What did Colby Donaldson from 'Survivor Australia' bring?
7 In which season starting from 1 to 10, the the castaways were marooned on the island for 42 days
8 Ozzy was having a relation with his fellow castmate Amanda in which series of Survivor?