Are you good with drawing?

Test out your art with this accurate quiz xD

1 How often do you draw?
2 Do you use observe real life objects when you draw?
3 How long do you spend on each A4 drawings?
4 Do you consider yourself as a good artist?
5 What is your best shading technique?
6 What pencils do you use?
7 Do you fix your drawings?
8 What grades you have got for art (college or high school)
9 Do you have a devianart account?
10 Do you think that your drawing is rubbish but your friends say it is awesome?
11 Do you love drawing?
12 Which of the following instrument is not used for drawing?
13 Do you think that all drawings depend on IQ?
14 Do you think that drawings depend on visual intelligence?
15 Which tools are the best for smudging and blending?