how well do you know twilight???

shows how well you paid attention to the twilight saga books and how many times you've read them

1 how long was the flight from phoenix to seattle?
2 who came to bella's house and thought he wa taking her to the prom?
3 what color of dress was rosalie wearing to prom?
4 how many months went by in the book new moon after edward left?
5 what does NOT happen in new moon?
6 what kind of car and what color does alice drive in italy?
7 what is the name of the new born that surrenders but the volturi kill anyway?
8 how many times to jacob and bella kiss in eclipse?
9 what does bella eat that gave her what she thinks is food poisoning?
10 what does bella name her child
11 what were the volturi hoping to do to the cullens in breaking dawn? why?
12 what did the cullen family besides edward give to bella for her b-day?
13 what was bellas special power as a vampire?