Are you a good Harry Potter fan?

Find out how well you know the amazing world of Harry Potter! You will be rated according to your knowledge of the wizarding world. Find out whether you are an ignorant Muggle or a magnificent Minister for Magic!

1 Where did the Potter family live before Harry's parents died?
2 What is Harry's wand made of?
3 Which of these animals is officially allowed inside Hogwarts as a pet?
4 Who can control the monster in the Chamber of Secrets?
5 How many students did the monster kill?
6 What kind of animal attacked and injured Draco Malfoy's arm?
7 Before Scabber's true identity was discovered, Remus Lupin suspected one person of being a traitor. Who was this suspect?
8 Who was predicted to become Minister for Magic before he lost his popularity due to a scandal?
9 Who heard the first prophecy of Professor Trelawney?
10 According to Dumbledore, what lies in the room behind the ever-locked door in the Department of Mysteries?
11 Who did Tom Marvolo Riddle kill in order to make a Horcrux from the cup of Hufflepuff?
12 Where is the body of Sirius's deceased brother, Regulus?
13 Who killed Albus Dumbledore's sister?
14 Who was the last true master of the Elder Wand, and from whom did he win it?