Would you survive a zombie outbreak?

This quiz will tell you the percentage of chance you would have of surviving a zombie outbreak

1 You're taking a walk in town when you see someone biting another person what do you do?
2 You are 1 on 1 with a zombie that you meet on your way home what do you do?
3 You enter a supermarket to get supplies
4 You're at home how do you barricade yourself?
5 Your local gunstore is about 50 meters away from your home, you decide to a run for it but will only have enought time to get one weapong what do you take?
6 You have alot of spare time sitting around in your home what do you do?
7 You have to leave your house how do you escape?
8 You come to the countryside you see 2 people along the road...
9 You drive up to your grannys house, she comes down and you see she has been bitten..
10 You drive into west coast customs and decide to "Pimp your ride" what do you add to your car
11 God comes down from heaven and says that you could get one super power what would it be
12 You are now the only person on earth with your super power what do u do