What tree will you be reincarnated as?

This quiz is to determine what kind of tree you are most likely to be reincarnated as, in your next life, or as karmic retribution, or possibly if you are teleported into a parallel universe. There are parallel universes, you know, in which humans are only accepted as trees, or dryads.

1 What are you most likely to be wearing on any given day?
2 You are leading a group through a dangerous place. What best defines your course of action?
3 Which musical instrument appeals most to you?
4 If you could choose any of the following languages to be fluent in, which would it be?
5 What tree would you actually -want- to be reincarnated as? (I promise these are all names of trees.)
6 Alright, what animal would you want to be reincarnated as?
7 While walking, you come across a kid spraypainting something stupid and ugly onto a beautiful rock formation.
8 What planet do you see as most relevant to your personality?
9 Which of the elements of the Chinese Zodiac do you most identify with?