Is your girlfriend crazy about you??

you are in a relationship. You are in an argument with your girlfriend. She says she hates you and throws things at you or throws a fit. Anyways you guys argue so much that you quit talking for the rest of the night. Later on you start to feel bad about the argument and you want to talk to her, but you are unsure if she loves you or not. Well boys are you unsure?? you wanna find out the real truth? Is she crazy about you or leading you on? Well take this quiz and find out!

1 when you hold her hand does she:
2 you forget your anniversary of one year with her she:
3 you are with her and your friends you are talking to them and not really talking to your girlfriend much she :
4 when she is crying and you ask her what's wrong, does she:
5 When you guys are alone together, does she :
6 When you know she has done something wrong in the relationship like cheating or something or even lying does she: