How Mega-Hardcore of a Linkin Park fan are you?

Are you the hardcore of the hardcorest? I mean, this is everything. and don't cheat. Let's all find out if you're crazy hardcore, and I mean MEGA HARDCORE. MEGA HARDCORE is for people who live this band everyday. Like myself. 20 question of Linkin Park trivia. Publish when you're finished and send to your friends to see if they're Linkin Park posers!

1 Who is Linkin Park's bassist?
2 Which member made their own short film, "The Seed"?
3 Which member is nicknamed "Phoenix"?
4 Which member got bitten by a poisinous spider while on tour?
5 Which member was absent during part of Hyrbrid Theory?
6 Which member shaved their beard during 2009?
7 What was the band originally named?
8 What rapper did Linkin Park work with first?
9 What state did Linkin Park come from?
10 What band is included in Chester's side project Dead By Sunrise?
11 What movie series does Linkin Park work with?
12 Which music video shows the band playing at a concert with their backs only showing?
13 Which member is gay?
14 Which music video stars Gundam action figures?
15 Name a band that starred in Projekt Revolution 08.
16 Name a band that starred in Projekt Revolution 07.
17 What was the band's original lead singer?
18 What was Linkin Park's first live album?
19 What is one of the band's labels?
20 Is Linkin Park, the neverending, greatest band to ever walk the Earth?