Are you truly in love?

Do you truly believe you love your boyfriend or girlfriend?

1 When you first met your partner how did you feel about them?
2 When you started hanging out did you find you had things in common?
3 How often did you think about the person when you first started hanging out?
4 Do you remember your first kiss down to the last detail?
5 Do you threaten to ever break up with your partner?
6 How often do you fight in a week?
7 Do you enjoy just being with your partner even if you're not doing anything?
8 Do you trust your partner?
9 Do you cry when you think about breaking up with them?
10 Do you like cuddling with your partner?
11 Does your partner's pet peeves and habits make you mad?
12 Do you like buying your partner gifts?
13 Do you have doubts about your realtionship?