How retarded are you

The title said it all

1 How do you determine the outcome of a test?
2 If you have been injected with a deadly virus in your palm what would you do first?
3 If you have to choose between your body parts which one would you lose?
4 Does God or gods exist (Do not be offended)
5 How do you kill the living dead?
6 What is the smartest thing to do when your in a war.
7 If you have unlimited amount of money on a credit card for a short period of time what would you do.
8 If you could own any business company which one would it be?
9 If Jimmy is 6'4 and Lory is 7 inches shorter, Jamie is 9 inch taller than Lory, how tall is Lary
10 If darkness is weak against light, light is weak against water, water is weak against earth, earth is weak against wind, wind is weak against fire, fire is weak against what?