How gamer are you?
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How gamer are you?

Ok people lets see if your a gamer, true gamer or those people who think they to good for mario.

1. Ok your playing a FPS you just got HS wat do you do!!!???
2. your playing your favourite mmorpg, your doing a smuggle run with your clan, your suddenly ambushed and overpowered, what do you do?
3. some1 just joined your team in a game you play every now and then, they just tked you, how do you react?
4. some1 just hacked and opked your entire team and is doing it again, what do you do?
5. your using vents to organise a clan event, some1 starts stuffing around and mic spaming "boom chacalaca boom chacalaca" how do you respond?
6. your playig a classic rpg, you just lost against the final boss, what do you do>