What kind of dog will you be mauled by?

Wondering what kind of dog will bite and attack you? Wondering which hound will maul you and leave you bleeding on the footpath? Take our quiz, find out and make sure you avoid the right breed!

1 What is your height?
2 Are you a ranga? (for Dickheads who don't know what this is, it means do you have red hair)
3 What is your weight?
4 Where is your car right now?
5 Which of these would you buy if you had the money?
6 Which of these do you prefer?
7 What is the phonetic term for the letter H?
8 Do you prefer;
9 What is your age?
10 What would you prefer to eat?
11 Did OJ really do it?
12 What is the scientific term for water?
13 Do you wear slippers?
14 Do you prefer;
15 Which of these would you prefer;
16 Which of these do you prefer;