Are u UGLEY, pretty, hot, or gorguose???

find out heree!!! trust me...this quiz is 100% acurate!!!

1 U are at a school essembly, u HAVE to use the little girls room! so u get up to go and BAM! you falll right infront of ur crush (the HAWTEST boy in ur grade!) what do u do??
2 U are invited to a party, EVERY1 is going, what do u do when u get there??
3 At lunch...ur boyfriend comes and sits down at the seat right next to u (the last seat), but u promised ur BiFFL that you would save her a seat... youu....
4 Your bf askes u to come over to his house ALONE this saturday...but you have to go to ur dads house and u dont get to see ur dad that much... what do you do??
5 In school what do u think you are? (wat group...such as...nerd, popular, jock
6 Do u think this quiz will be right??