how well do you know Helena Schwarz i.e. me

so you think you now me, well lets see?

1 i'll start with the easy ones, what is my natual hair colour?
2 what colour are my eyes?
3 when is my birthday?
4 what is my favourite subject?
5 what is my Favourite colour
6 ok lets make things a bit harder now, where is my Favourite place in the world
7 which of my birthdays did my perants forget?
8 what is my Favourite food
9 what day was the best day of my life?
10 what happened on the worst day of my life that made it so bad?
11 ok now for some random ones, which of my toes is the tallest?
12 what is my opinion on entering a relationship?
13 do i flirt?
14 what is my Favourit word/phrase
15 what is my Favourite dance?
16 ok, last one, and it's a harden, how many chickens did i see on the first day of returning to Ghana in the easter?