The Nerd Herd quiz!
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The Nerd Herd quiz!

Nyello to you, my dear Nerd Herdians! It is time we go global... :D Let's see if you notice the habits of our inhabitants, know the key events and love the herd!!

2. Wie findest du Porno? Warum?
3. Nox Noxtis..
4. Are your grammar good?
5. Alisha and Lord are..
6. Where do you want to go....?
7. Hitler...
8. OUR GOD!!
9. SKWAAAAAW! SKWAAAAAW! *flap flap*
10. "Do that again, and I'll touch you!"
11. Who is the PIMP!? (Tricky one ;p)
12. "Mr.Clark looks like a pedo with his backpack.. V, go ask him for lessons!"
13. I've got..
14. "dude dude, have I gone red?" "No, Alisha, you're brown."
15. Were you included in the Nerd Herd Poem?
16. Who are the twins?