Which Of My Friends Are You Most Like?
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Which Of My Friends Are You Most Like?

This quizz will define what type of person you are...weather your smart, stupid, sexy, cute or are infact a souless evil deamon from hell. well its supposed to, not sure how well it will work.

1. A Lady approches you in the street and say "hello could you talk to me for like 2 mins there some lads watching me and i dont want them to know im alone"
2. A Young girl comes up to you and says "Do You Know How They Get Jam in a Doughnut?"
3. You go to mc d's what do you order?
4. Its Friday Night What Are You Up 2?
5. Simple maths question.... Whats 10+2?
6. Who is your best friend?
7. Just for the record, who do you think your answer will be?