You won't pass because you're a noob. >w<

If you pass I will give you a cookie. But it won't contain chocolate chips because it's not that type of cookie. c:

1 Are you a noob?
2 Do you like waffles?
3 Where is that...
4 Hey look! You're shoe is untied!
5 Noob.
6 My neclace has...
7 This quiz is really pointless.
8 Today,
9 What is the answer?
10 i h8 u. o.o
11 Do you like pancakes?
12 Please use proper spelling and grammar! Your quiz will be more popular if you do!
13 Do you like french toast?
14 Do you like muffins?
15 Omnomnom...
16 I forgot to add the last verse of the song!
17 How many colors are there in the rainbow?
18 Is this quiz almost dooonnneee?